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Our Story
Daily Bread Fundraising is a local, growing, family owned operation in business since 2007. Prior to starting Daily Bread Fundraising, We owned and operated the family dairy farm where Philip was born and raised.  Then, God provided the opportunity to start this family business and the leap of faith was taken. We moved to Georgia in 2007 and Daily Bread Fundraising was born! It has been a pleasure to help organizations and young kids reach their goals, and a blessing to work together as a family. We have five children and although still young, they are a big part of this growing business! 

In 2014, Zach Esterling joined the Daily Bread family! He serves North Georgia and the southern part of North Carolina. We are excited to have him on board and are certain that you’ll find him to be helpful, energetic and committed to helping you in any way he can!

Our goal is to provide fundraising assistance to our groups focusing on simplicity and great service.  Our service standard is to do unto others as we would like them to do unto us. 

We live this out as we help each group to the best of our ability raise the extra funds they need. We believe our personal, hands-on, competent, and friendly service will leave you a very satisfied customer. And we believe our product lineup is unmatched in uniqueness, quality and taste! 

We thank each of our group leaders and organizations for the pleasure of working with you over the past years. We remain excited and committed to offer an exceptional yet simple program to groups, teams and organizations that are in need of a vehicle to help reach their fundraising goals.
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“Simple, Profitable,
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